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Pakistan Security Report 2015

Security is the source of global concern these days and Pakistan is one of the worst affected countries in that regard. Below are the details of the security situation in Pakistan. Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) brings out an annual security report at the end of each year, which is widely disseminated in Pakistan and abroad. The report comprehensively compiles data on violent incidents, comparative analysis of various security variables, the changing targets and tactics of militants, strategies of the government and the nature of its response to the security challenges. Pakistan Security Report 2015 (see overview) includes not only the number of conflict-related incidents for the entire year, but also prioritizes the major actors of instability as well as analyses the perpetrators’ tactics and the security forces’ response. The report highlights the progress made by the government on eliminating militancy Continue reading

Drone Wars: Two Reports

Reaper drone

Please read our post on strikes on British jihadis in Syria here. Read our post on first ever Pakistan army strike which killed three high profile militants (by a UAV named “Burraq”) in the Shawal valley of the Waziristan tribal region near the Afghan border here. Equally, two interesting studies have emerged on drone warfare and strikes. Examining the dilemmas surrounding drone warfare, in their study Limiting Armed Drone Proliferation, Micah Zenko and Sarah Kreps argue “that it is essential to begin working now to expand and establish such rules and norms, while the number of states with armed drones remains relatively small.” They are strong proponents of a strategy that lays down clear limits on the sale and use of armed drones in order to reduce the prospects of the proliferation of these weapons and to prevent their use becoming widespread. Another, more recent, study from June 2015 by the Center for a New American Security entitled A World of Proliferated Drones Continue reading