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Gwadar: The New Shenzhen?

A new Shenzhen? Poor Pakistan fishing town’s horror at Chinese plans is another interesting read in the Guardian. It can be extracted as follows: The Mega-port will bring five-star hotels and Chinese access to the Arabian Sea, as residents in conflict-torn province contend with lack of water and food. Gwadar is poor. When a house was recently burgled in the fishing settlement on Pakistan’s desert coast, the only items stolen were cans of fresh water – a staple that has soared in value since reservoirs dried up. It lies in Balochistan, a province in the grip of a long-running separatist insurgency and Pakistan’s most neglected. Yet local officials dream of a future where Gwadar becomes a second Shenzhen, the Chinese trade hub bordering Hong Kong. Visitors are told that with Chinese investment the small settlement will become a major node of world commerce boasting car factories, Pakistan’s biggest airport and a string of five-star resort hotels along Gwadar’s sparkling seafront. But residents are aghast, and not just because the fishing community, long settled on the neck of the peninsula, will be moved to new harbours up to 40km away. “This is all being done for China, not the people,” said Elahi Bakhsh, a fisherman bewildered by the plans to turn Continue reading

Climate Change and the Rule of Law: Adjudicating the Future in International Law

The PIIA would like to apprise our members about this important event. It relates to the world’s development goals. In the run up to the climate change negotiations in Paris this December, Professor Philippe Sands QC delivered a public lecture at the UK Supreme Court focusing on the role of international law and judges in addressing legal issues relating to climate change. The evening was chaired by Lord Carnwath (Justice of the Supreme Court) and the lecture will be followed by comments by Professor James Crawford (Judge of the International Court of Justice) and Professor Lavanya Rajamani (researcher at the Center for Policy Research in New Delhi).