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Mani Shankar Aiyar on Indian Foreign Policy

As seen on our Pakistan Horizon Blog, Mani Shankar Aiyar (member of the Indian Upper House, the Rajya Sabha) spoke at the PIIA on  Continuity and Change in India’s Foreign Policy. The video is available below. He said: If we don’t talk to Pakistan we will never be able to find a solution…It would be foolish to have cordial relations with Paraguay and just ignore Pakistan’ .

‘Divisive Manipulator’: Narendra Modi

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi looks set to receive yet another rockstar reception in the west, this time he is visiting London (the so-called home of democracy). In reality, Modi is an abusive and twisted Hindu fundamentalist who makes his Muslim counterparts look puny. His anti-Christain and anti-Muslim policies have made poor and overpopulated India a bigger nightmare than it already was. Here is an excellent piece by entitled Narendra Modi: the divisive manipulator who charmed the world, extract as written by him: In 2005, when Narendra Modi was the chief minister of the wealthy Indian state of Gujarat, local police murdered a criminal called Sheikh Sohrabuddin in cold blood. At an election rally in 2007 for the ruling Hindu nationalist BJP, Modi assured his citizens that Sohrabuddin “got what he deserved”. What should be done, he asked, to a man found possessing illegal arms? The pumped-up crowd shouted back: “Mari nakho-mari nakho!” (Kill him, kill him!) The lynch mob’s cry was repeated in a village near Delhi last month as zealots beat to death a Muslim farmer they suspected – wrongly – of keeping beef in his house. While Modi makes a Continue reading