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Call Me Dave: The Unauthorised Biography

This book has put the British prime minister in some embarrassment. This is a review by Ian Jack of the Guardian, see also Chris Mullen in today’s Observer. Cameron has denied the allegations in the book. “Piggate” is not certain. Jack’s article is as follows: Revenge may be a dish best served cold; the question is, where should it be served? In a book or a newspaper, and, if a newspaper, which? In 2011, Isabel Oakeshott memorably set out the possibilities in her conspiratorial email conversation with Vicky Pryce, who was eager to destroy her former husband Chris Huhne’s political career by disclosing his lies about a speeding offence. Pryce and her friend, the then judge Constance Briscoe, were already in preliminary talks with a journalist from the Mail on Sunday about a “tell-all” book and its potential for serialisation. Oakeshott, who worked for the Sunday Times, gave it the thumbs down. “I think your reputation would be really damaged … the Mail on Sunday is – at the end of the day – a fairly downmarket publication and a lot of people would think it a bit tawdry for you to be cooperating with them,” she wrote. “I know it’s got a big readership, but so has the News of the World!” People, she continued, would assume Pryce had made money from the deal, which would affect her reputation and any chance of her joining the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee or “perhaps even the House of Lords”. Continue reading