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Ramzan Kadyrov: Putin’s Blunt Instrument

In yet another intriguing long read in The Guardian, Putin’s closest ally – and his biggest liability, Oliver Bullough is of the view that Chechen leader and Instagram king Ramzan Kadyrov is vulgar, vicious and very rich. Moreover, Bullough asks: is he out of control, or just the kind of blunt instrument the Russian president likes to have around? As far as I can see, this is a must read article for all PIIA members; see podcast. Furthermore, Oliver Bullough clarifies that: Ramzanism is almost the ur-expression of Putinism: equal parts bling, violence, nationalism, kleptocracy and religion. Bullough also says that: Kadyrov is essentially employed by Putin to stop Chechens from killing Russians, but he has also been linked to a long list of killings. The motives have tended to be, like Kadyrov himself, crude and straightforward: someone threatened his hold on power, and ended up dead. It is not easy to see why he would want rid of Nemtsov but, all the same, Kadyrov’s track record was sufficient for many people to view a motive as unnecessary. (Kadyrov’s spokesman, who I have known for a decade, did not respond to multiple requests via phone, text and email, for comment on this article.) “The crime clearly leads directly to Kadyrov. I cannot imagine that these men could commit such a terrible crime without, at the Continue reading